“I am trying to save the world. Do you want to help me?”

The Story

For Tan Yan, there is little hope his life will change. It’s like his whole life is trapped inside a snowdome, unable to escape. But, what if, one day, he’s given the chance to make a change?


This is Lunatic Works’ debut visual novel. As this is a kinetic novel, there aren’t any choice options or multiple endings.

Instead, we’ve created a story that the audience can freely interpret, leading to an open experience.

In the game, we hope that you can find something you can relate to. Every one of us has experienced the dullness of work and life crashing upon us, as if something is weighing on us, controlling us.

We all attempt to break out from this “box”, and our common desire is what we hope will make this story a fulfilling experience.

We aim for realism. While we do not expect every detail to be grounded in reality, we still want our readers to empathize with the story and characters, reducing the need for deus ex machina interpretations. While the story might take unexpected turns, there is logic behind every twist which, hopefully, will lead you to gain insight into the human condition.