Eat, drink, and fall in love at Bellflower Bistro. Bistro Days is a fun, over-the-top romantic story with choice-driven plots and multiple endings.

The Story

You are an aspiring food blogger in the city of Wisteria. One day, a giant raccoon guides you to Bellflower Bistro, where you meet three charming characters that will prove to be your life’s turning point.

What fate awaits you at the bistro? Will you answer to your true calling and become a food blogger that will make your mom proud? Are you able to help your romantic partner achieve their dreams? What choices will you make? Who will you date?


Bistro Days is an over-the-top Slice of Life romantic story where every choice matters, with multiple endings that lead you to a different romantic path.


  • 3 main romanceable characters
  • 15 fully voiced CGs
  • Play as a male or female protagonist
  • Partial voice acting
  • Choice driven storyline
  • High-Resolution Backgrounds
  • Over 6 hours of gameplay



  • Developed by Michael Emerson (Drunk Bunny Games)
    Published by Kikai Digital
    Sprites and CG artwork by KeppaTea
    Main story by renkka
    Background art: @KeiraWorks
    Chibi Artwork: Sasha Chii
    Additional Development: Sku;Te
    Music: Jan Hehr
    Additional music: AudioBlocks