Once we dreamed that we were dear to each other. We wake up to find that we’re strangers.

The Story

Sheng, a teenager who has lost memories of his past,
returns to his childhood town
to search for what he has ‘lost’.
He meets Yiyao, and it’s love at first sight.
At the Summer Festival,
he shyly confesses,
and she accepts.
But the next day
Yiyao loses all her memories of him.
How did she lose them?
Or is his memory playing tricks on him?


Reverse Memories is a visual novel about love and memory loss. When you lose your memories, do you still retain the feelings of love? Are memories and emotions totally different things? Uncover the mystery in this romance visual novel by developer NEVER KNOWS BEST.


  • A different ending upon a second playthrough
  • Play the game from multiple character perspectives
  • Full Chinese Voice Acting
  • High Resolution CGs